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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Multiplication is very much simplified in Vedic Mathematics. You can perform multiplications much faster and efficiently than the methods which we follow now. If you practice these thoroughly, you can develop your mathematical capabilities very much.

This method enables you to do multiplications in a very simplified manner. Vedic mathematics enables you to do any multiplications by remembering multiplication tables only upto 9. Even with that you can do the multiplications much faster than what you normally do.

I shlall explain with an example.

Sample 1: 8 x 7

Write it as the number followed by the difference / surplus from 10
08 -2
07 +3

Add Diagonally, both diagonals fetch the same value. [8 + 3 = 13 - 2 = 11]
Multiply the surplus / difference

Vedic Mathematcis

Vedic Mathematics was studied for long in India. The term Vedic Mathematics refers to a set of 16 mathematical formulae (Sutras) and their corollaries derived from the Vedas.